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e-Learning for Healthcare is one of the largest providers of online learning for healthcare professionals in the UK. With almost 500,000 users and over 100 learning programmes the task of delivering such a huge amount of e-learning has always been a challenge.

Lessons learned

e-LfH had successfully delivered their learning programmes through a large learning platform for many years, however, in recent years it had become apparent that their audience demanded a much more contemporary and focussed platform. This view was supported by the huge amount of user data that had been collated through the support desk and programme surveys.

The challenge

After analysing user data, talking to healthcare professionals and tapping into the experience of the platform team, the direction was clear; user experience expertise was essential to deliver a contemporary, audience focussed, mobile enabled platform. 

A platform for the future

iflourish is recognised for its expertise in user experience and we embraced the opportunity to design a completely new platform that would support a large volume of users and thousands of hours of e-learning intuitively and efficiently. The Hub was born. 

Feedback from the clinical community has been unanimously positive. The user experience improvements continue to make a huge impact on healthcare professionals and support the ever-evolving future of professional development in healthcare.

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