Making sense
of school data

FFT provides data and analyses to schools and local authorities in England and Wales. In response to calls from governors for clearer data on a school's performance they developed a new tool called the Governor Dashboard. Providing a range of information to help school governors support and challenge the school leadership team, the Governor Dashboard has proved immensely popular with governors.

So much so that the face-to-face training offered by FFT could not possibly meet the countrywide demand. They needed a good e-learning partner to develop online training and that is when they approached us. 

Feedback from the face-to-face sessions was positive, so we worked closely with the trainer to replicate the experience online, putting special emphasis on the concepts that governors stated were more challenging. We also had to cater for the very wide range of skills and confidence amongst this diverse volunteer workforce. We did this by:

  • Using clear and simple language.
  • Explaining the key concepts and principles behind the dashboard.
  • Delivering the e-learning content in small digestible chunks, with each data section explained.
  • Using real data to give the e-learning a real world context.
  • Using a combination of animated interactives, audio and diagrams and questions to check understanding.
  • Offering personalised certificates to reward governors for giving up their time.

Using a branded version of our learning platform allows FFT to obtain feedback, track registrations and learner scores, as well as gather details for marketing purposes.

The e-learning is free to access and you can self-register here to view it. Over 4,600 governors have registered already.

What have governors said about it?

"An excellent and much-needed innovation"
Primary Governor, Lancashire
"The e-learning is the best I have done in terms of style, layout and clear explanations - really good."
Primary Governor, Dorset
"It was very clear and the questions helped to make me pay full attention!"
Primary Governor, Cheshire
"I found the module clear and easy to follow"
Secondary Governor, Cheshire
"I have done quite a lot of online training and this is one of the most user-friendly systems I have encountered."
Secondary Governor, Barking & Dagenham

What did the client say?

Paul Charman

Managing director

We've been impressed with iflourish's high level of understanding of education and what governors need as well as their obvious experience in the field of e-learning.  We were able to work very effectively with iflourish to deliver e-learning modules using their platform in a short space of time. The end result has been of high quality, it's popular with over 1,000 registered users in the first six weeks, and has been excellent value for money in further supporting our work with schools and governing bodies.

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