Franchisors: Why should you care about training?

Written by Frankie O'Brien | 7th November 2018

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At the recent Franchise Supplier Showcase 2018 event one of the keynote speakers, Simon Bartholomew, former Chairman of the British Franchise Association, talked about the priorities for franchises and one he emphasised was training. Undoubtedly most franchises carry out some sort of training, but as we found from the many people that came to our stand to talk to us on the day, it is most often carried out as part of the onboarding process and it is not retained.

So, we all know we should be putting more care into our training, but as ever time is short and too often it slips down the list of priorities. If you really take the time to stop and think about the benefits to your business you might realise why training needs to be a priority for you.

Building and protecting your brand reputation

Explaining the values of your brand how it should be sold to customers through effective training will pay dividends for you and your franchisees in the long run. This includes explaining the pitfalls of deviating from the brand values or cutting corners with quality, e.g. customer service.

Supporting your franchisees to grow revenues

You have built up your brand and know what works in reaching and persuading customers buy from you. Sharing that experience with your franchisees, e.g. how to make social media work to their advantage, will help them grow revenues and also increase your value proposition to them.

Freeing up your time and growing your franchisee network size

Many franchisors have told us that the onboarding training they do is repetitive and takes up time that could be spent on other valuable tasks. Using online training you can remove the need to repeat standard messages and it also allows you to focus any time you spend with franchisees on training that is best delivered face-to-face, e.g. role play.
Removing the need to book training venues, arrange travel, refreshments, etc. also saves you money and allows more people to access the training without the worry of having to give up time to travel to a fixed location.

Making sure your legal and compliance issues are managed and monitored

Whatever your franchise business you will have legal requirements, e.g. GDPR, as well as needing franchisees to comply with your operations manual. Online training is a great way to deliver this training, which can be dry at times, and to test knowledge through a range of questions and assessments. You’ll have the reassurance that you know that your franchisees have proved their knowledge and you can intervene where reports indicate concerns.

But how do I get my training online?

Our learning platform, Course Builder, proved popular at the recent Franchise Supplier Showcase event. But the most common question we faced was how to get the training online? Fortunately, we have over 20 years’ experience of helping a wide range of clients to develop online training. Whether it’s just tapping into our expertise or if you need more ‘hands on’ help, we can support you. As another keynote speaker at the Showcase, John Hotowka, said “What’s holding you back? Just do it!”

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First published on the Franchise Supplier Showcase in October 2018.

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