Schools can’t use Facebook, right?

Written by John Bidder | 1st September 2015

You have probably heard various concerns about schools using Facebook. Whilst helping children understand how to be safe when using social media is very sensible, the fears schools have about using social media are often unfounded. In this short video Clare Berryman, Headteacher at Whittle-le-Woods Primary School in Chorley, explains the positive impact using Facebook to communicate with parents, carers and the wider community has had on her school.

Clare explains the benefits simply and clearly, including:
  • Communicating using the social media channels that parents and carers are already using on a daily basis
  • Setting a good example for pupils on how to use Facebook appropriately
  • Creating a real sense of the community within and around the school
  • Keeping it proportionate – little and often using a range of media

Clare’s school is one of a number now that have opted to take on a managed Facebook Page with the creative input and support of SocialSchoolMedia.

About the author

With a background in teaching & school improvement, as founder and Director of Get Logged In, John specialises on working with schools to harness Facebook for good under the banner of parental engagement. Dad of 3 he believes strongly in enabling schools to connect with their community to help reach & support parents as role models for their children. John also created Blippit – an app maker for children and schools currently used by 1000’s of children & teachers mainly in the UK, Australia & the US. Follow: @schoolfacebook @justblippit @getloggedin

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