Raise the bar with your e-learning

Written by Frankie O'Brien

One of our clients recently described their previous experience of e-learning as unengaging and boring. In fact the very term ‘e-learning’ seemed to provoke an automatic raised eyebrow. The experience for this client had been typical of many; learning online that was little more than a page turning exercise.

Although we too have experienced this all too familiar style of online learning in our working careers, we are still surprised that learning is delivered in such a disappointing way. Self-led learning shouldn’t be a passive experience. It shouldn’t be devoid of engagement, interaction or challenge just because it’s online… we have all the tools and techniques now to ensure an absorbing experience. It also doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Affordable quality

Our aim as a company has always been to make engaging learning experiences that help our clients meet their business objectives. E-learning can and should include a range of methods to engage the learner, helping them connect with the learning experience so that they can understand how it will benefit them. A great example of this is our work with FFT, taking a very data heavy topic and creating learning for school governors that puts it all in plain english. Best of all, it was a ‘Rolls Royce’ delivery at a very affordable cost because we made the technology work for the learning rather than the other way around.

Feedback from school governors has been excellent, with 99% stating that the experience was very helpful (73%) or helpful (26%) – a far cry from the experience our potential new client had mentioned. We aim to offer the same standard to all our clients and put the excitement back into the term ‘e-learning’.

Read more about our work with FFT here

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