Self-belief and fresh ideas

Written by Jake

In the last week, I have had the opportunity to participate in a 5 day long work experience programme to further help my schoolwork, for the company iflourish. This company is an online tech based company that creates and innovates online learning. In my week of work experience I started by taking a look at everything iflourish had to offer. I looked at some of the projects they have built over the years. I also got an all access preview of their new product ‘Course Builder‘. Course Builder is an e-learning platform that allows the customer to create and present learning modules to many people with ease. It also allows you to track learning progress and achievement. I really thought Course Builder was a great product that runs and looks very smoothly.

The rest of my week I participated in a project to research innovative ideas to win a bid on building a brand new website for an academy school in London for students with special educational needs. During this time my tasks were to look through the current academy’s website for areas where it could be improved. Over the course of a day, I thoroughly inspected the existing website to come up with a couple of new ideas that could really help support not only the school website, but the school as well. I found this task interesting as it’s not really something I’ve ever done before and I was quite proud to find so many things.

I then had to present my findings to one of the company directors who told me, contrary to my belief, that my ideas were great! Well, most of them at least. Then he told me to write them up into a report so he could send them to his business partner to be presented to the Academy in an attempt to try to win the bid. The report took me quite a while to write up, longer than I thought, but I eventually completed it and sent it off.

The week I spent with Iflourish was busy and very insightful. I now further understand all the hard work and effort it takes to be part of a working team and at only 15 years old, I managed to help possibly secure a piece of work for this innovative company.

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